BRD is a sister company to Ader and provides Talent Management to the exclusive creators listed below.


Aceu started his competitive gaming in CS:GO, but he truly hit his stride as an Apex Legends pro player and content creator for one of the largest gaming organizations, NRG. A fierce competitor in the game, Aceu’s loyal and engaged audience appreciate his authenticity and his passion for Hip Hop music, streetwear, and strawberry ice cream.


After years of casual gaming, Ambush made the leap to stream on Twitch in 2020. In just the last year and a half, she has seen material growth as a multi-platform content creator. She is the highest rank possible in Apex Legends, and she is an ambassador of notable brands like Monster Energy and Corsair. Ambush also has the unique ability to meaningfully engage with her audience. With her genuine heart of gold, she makes all of her viewers feel welcome and appreciated.


BabyNikki is an entertainer. Tune into her stream and you never know what you might get. One day it's top-tier Apex Legends or Valorant gameplay and the next is gingerbread house decorating. Either way, you're in for a treat and some good vibes!


Basically Homeless is the gaming community’s Bill Nye (The Science Guy). A master for blending science and entertainment, Basically Homeless combines custom built contraptions and daily household essentials to push the limits of using random items as ways to power electronics or play a variety of games.


Djarii is the UK's most followed woman broadcaster on Twitch. After being a NYX Face Awards Finalist in 2017, Djarii combined her passions for art, gaming and makeup in a new art form for Twitch: body painting. As the first ever to live stream the art on Twitch, she became an Ambassador in 2018. Djarii not only leverages the characters from a wide variety of genres for her art, but she also plays them - from MMORPGs to FPS games.


With over 1,500,000 TikTok followers, it's clear why Emiru is considered by many as the "Queen of Cosplay". When she's not preparing a new look for Instagram and TikTok, she's grinding Diamond ranked in League of Legends on Twitch to her loyal community (and even her weekly coveted Dance Dance Revolution session). Aside from cosplay and gaming, Emiru enjoys spending time with her family and her 11 bunnies who often make appearances in her content.


Envoy, donned the "Young Prince", is a Call of Duty League All-Star, community leader and the resident Slayer on OpTic Chicago. Envoy is not only a fierce competitor, but he is also a fiercely brand safe streamer, YouTuber, and social influencer. Fun Fact: Tune into his stream to see if he has his headset on backwards.


Flexinja is a uniquely dynamic content creator who always has his finger on the community's pulse. Whether he's dominating the highest ranks of Valorant with his signature Omen plays, or he's collaborating with various creators from OfflineTV or OTK in an open Rust server, Flexinja always delivers true entertainment. Flexinja is welcoming and genuine with his community - on and off stream, viewers and creators alike - which is why he has earned such meaningful engagement across his Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch.


IslandGrown’s created a large audience with his unique and infectious personality during mobile streams and has been established as the broader community "Rare Trading Card Pack Opening Expert.” Blending high energy with deep game knowledge, Island makes opening a set of trading cards from Pokemon to Magic the Gathering into an event.


JoeWo is the "Movement King" for Call of Duty's battle royale genre: Warzone. He regularly plays with notable creators, but more importantly, Joe's elite gameplay and contagious positivity, and an endearing and open embrace for his stutter, has earned him a highly engaged, devoted audience. Joe streams about 80 hours a week, yet he still finds time for pickup basketball and his new Goldendoodle puppy, "Bolt."


JoshOG is a veteran within the gaming community. He has been streaming and content creating for the last 8 years, building an impressively dedicated audience. Josh saw his initial growth in the FPS genre, dominating in CS:GO and PUBG alongside peers like Summit1G; however, now he loves to explore a variety of games like Teamfight Tactics and Escape from Tarkov. Besides is top tier gameplay, he has a certain authenticity about him that is impossible to ignore.


Kripp has made himself synonymous with Hearthstone. Across his long career, he has cemented himself as one of the game's best players and most entertaining streamers. With awards like "Favorite Hearthstone Stream" and "Most Engaged" Viewers, it is easy to see why people keep coming back to his stream for the past 9 years.


After getting her start in CS:GO, Loeya has since evolved into a quirky Fortnite streamer. Loeya’s devoted audience, affectionately known as the “Loeyalist Army,” has earned her an ambassadorship for Twitch as one of the largest female creators on the platform. Loeya’s two cats appear on stream on their very own “cat cam.”


To put it simply, Lvndmark dominates the FPS genre. He has solidified himself as THE go-to Escape from Tarkov streamer, peaking at over 100k average viewers on multiple occasions. After 2 years of commitment, clocking in over 12 hours every day, Lvndmark's unrivaled grind has earned him one of the most dedicated audience's on Twitch - he currently sits as the 13th most subscribed channel on the platform.


PointCrow has made a career out of pushing games to their limits. Whether modding Breath of the Wild to spawn items with his voice to having his Pokemon evolve randomly each time the level up, it is safe to say PointCrow has a unique lens on content creation. Having expanded his content style to challenges IN and OUT of gaming in 2020, his 1+ million subscribers are ready to support him as he becomes one of the fastest-growing channels on YouTube.


Sweetdreams is everything you could want in a streamer and esports professional. Whether he is grinding for rank #1 in Apex Legends or chilling in Escape from Tarkov, Sweet always delivers on top tier gameplay and good vibes. He is known within the Apex Legends community as one of the best professional players, and - with his gift of gab - he is also one Apex's biggest personalities.


Vader, better known as “Eugene” on the GTA5 NoPixel Server, has been streaming roleplay content since 2014. With a streaming start on Arma 3 mods, his channel took off in 2019, allowing him to lead the GTA category before his switch to Facebook Gaming