The inherent nature of the platform - dynamic, complex and versatile - demands the same personality
from the marketing that supports it.

Marketing activity is evolving - from content strategy to multi-platform storytelling, and selectiveness in talent
partnerships to narrative driven campaigns with insights applied forward.

And so are the participants in it - produced by creators, directed by communities and steered by the
endemic forerunners in the space that dared to.

Like Ader.


Ader creates a customer experience in the design of a consumer experience.  With our consumer-centric, service-minded and data-driven approach, we architect, engage and execute programs to the right audiences and communities.

Campaign services include: Channel and Campaign Strategy, Creative Strategy and Execution, Audience Planning, Multi-Channel Programs, Multi-Platform Programs, Multi-Channel Ideation, CTA (Mobile), Brand Study, In-Campaign Polls, Surveys, Talent Management


Ader mashes campaign intelligence, production prowess and multi-channel experience with the dynamic of live broadcasting on the most popular platforms in social media and video from Twitch to TikTok.

Live services include: Independent Stream, Event Stream, Episodic/Series, Produced


Ader designs, architects and delivers multi-channel integrations in event, brand, content and sponsorship to empower publishers and endemic brands to engage consumers thoughtfully and authentically.

Services include: Integrated Marketing Strategy, In-game development, Custom in Live Stream, Brand Integrations, Sponsorships


Ader architects experiences that concurrently delight consumers in both streamed and IRL moments.

Experiential services include: Digital IRL, Tournaments, Events, Trade Shows


Ader delivers strategic and expert consultation to the world’s largest publishers and endemic brands and serves as an extension of business and operating teams with an integrated style.

Consulting services include: Strategy, Influencer Discovery, Audience Segmentation + Targeting, Market Assessment, Market Analytics, Focus Groups and Talent and Developer Relations